Faculty and staff members of Grinnell College play a large role in helping students clarify their values and interests, build confidence in their capabilities, and make connections outside of the Grinnell College community. The Center for Careers, Life, and Service provides resources and support to members of the faculty and staff who are advising students, coordinating internships, writing letters of recommendation, or otherwise engaging in career-related activities with students. Our career advising services can really complement academic advising. We are also a clearinghouse of opportunities. Send us relevant information on specific internships, fellowships and scholarships, research opportunities, jobs, and graduate and professional school via campus mail or email to career[at]grinnell[dot]edu.

Don't Cancel Class!

We can take the CLS on the road and into your classroom. Instead of canceling a class if you have to attend a conference, contact us and we'll come with a customized workshop. We are here to collaborate with you. Let us know of any effort that you are undertaking that will help students take their major beyond the classroom (e.g. alumni and employer panels, undergraduate research, conferences, etc.). Call us at ext. 4940 or email us at career[at]grinnell[dot]edu!

Request a Workshop or Event by completing this simple form. Someone from the CLS will follow up with you shortly.

Post a Campus Job

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Graduate and Professional School

The CLS can partner with faculty in several ways to help advise students who are interested in graduate or professional school.

First, Sarah Barks, the Assistant Director for Graduate and Professional School Advising, can visit your class or work with groups of students you advise to discuss graduate school opportunities and preparation in particular areas. These can be formal presentations, or interactive discussion-based workshops. Click here to submit a CLS Session Request.

Second, Barks can individually advise students and alumni who are interested in pursuing graduate or professional school after Grinnell. This advising is meant to complement, not replace, your role as the primary academic adviser for your students. For disciplinary graduate degrees in particular, faculty in the relevant field are often the best resource for students. Barks can fill in gaps in advising for students interested in professional or interdisciplinary degrees. In particular, she serves as the pre-professional adviser for law, business, social work, and health professions.

Finally, the CLS offers extensive resources in graduate admission exam preparation, application review, and interview practice. Barks is happy to work with students at each stage of their graduate school application process. The most successful Grinnellians form their own personal suite of advisers, and the CLS can be an important part in that process.