Community Investments

Community Investments

One important way that Grinnell College contributes to the vitality of our local community is through financial support for local initiatives.


...Supporting Our Non-Profits Year Round

Throughout the year, Grinnell College makes smaller-scale donations in support of local non-profit organizations that plan programs and fundraising activities.


...Catalyzing New Resources

The mini-grant program provides catalyst funding for small- to mid-scale off-campus projects to help Grinnell become a more attractive place to live, work, and study.

Major Investments and Donations

...Strategic Investments in Grinnell's Future

Grinnell College chooses to invest heavily in the local community — both to contribute responsibly to important public resources and also to help the town be a strong asset in attracting students, faculty, and staff.

Other Local Grants

Grinnell College is proud to be one of many organizations that support community enhancement projects. Learn more about other grants available in the Grinnell area.