2013-14 Funded Projects

2013-14 Funded Projects

Pilot Projects

Alumni Engagement Across the Curriculum

Contacts: Mark Peltz, Jayn Chaney ’05, Janet Davis, Justin Thomas, Karla Erickson

Unlike other alumni engagement initiatives, this project is explicitly focused on advancing specific learning objectives in content-rich courses by leveraging alumni expertise and mentoring within the disciplines.

AppDev: Training Students to Produce Mobile Applications & Work in Collaborative Professional Development Environments

Contacts: Maijid Moujaled ’14, Travis Law ’15, Spencer Liberto ’15, Daniel Torres ’15, Tiffany Nguyen ’16, Lea Marolt Sonneschein ’15, Patrick Triest ’15

This project will develop and implement a training program for students interested in designing and/or developing mobile applications.

Grinnell Translation Collective

Contacts: Hai-Dang Phan ’03, David Perez

This project will cultivate literary translation as an integral practice of cross-cultural communication and highlight literary translations produced by students and faculty. Funding will support translation workshops for students and faculty, a new lecture and reading series devoted to the art of translation, and a publication of an anthology of literary translation.

Introduction to Peace & Conflict Studies Through Blended Learning

Contacts: Brigittine French, Val Vetter, Kathy Kamp

To fill an expertise gap on campus and meet student demand, this course will be taught by a professor and peace builder prominent in the field by using a blended learning model.

Diversity and Inclusion in the Science Classroom

Contacts: Mark Levandoski, Minna Mahlab, Clark Lindgren, Poonam Arora

The participants of this best-practices conference will be faculty and teaching and learning staff from the member institutions of the Liberal Arts Colleges Association for Faculty Inclusion who share similar goals, challenges, and resources to address diversity concerns.

Wellness Lounge

Contacts: Samantha Schwartz ’14, Jen Jacobsen, Anya Vanecek’15, Tayler Chicoine’14, Daria Brosius’15, Eric Mistry’14, Marta Andelson’14, Claire Lowe’14, Charlotte Hechler ’14

This holistic space will engage students, staff & faculty in mindfulness, meditation, yoga, martial arts, light/music/art/massage therapies, character strength training, health screenings, substance use management, and educational outreach programming.

Data in Courses

Contact: Kathy Kamp

The goal of extending this project for an additional two years is to continue facilitating the design and implementation of innovative and technologically-sophisticated coursework by Grinnell faculty. Funding will annually support one post-baccalaureate position in DASIL and support for one DASIL faculty fellow to develop innovative materials for teaching quantitative or qualitative engagement with original data.

Planning Projects 

Creating and Sustaining a Makerspace at Grinnell

Contact: Adam Arsenault ’16

This planning project will explore the creation of a makerspace (a community-operated workspace in which members of the community can collaborate and socialize while working on technologic/electronic art projects) at Grinnell.

Summer Program in Korea

Contacts: David Harrison, Jack Mutti, Matt Johnson, Keith Brouhle, Stella Chan

This planning project will explore the feasibility and demand for a summer academic program in collaboration with Yonsei University in Seoul.

Innovating in Sustainable Design

Contacts: Liz Queathem, Benjamin Mothershead ‘16

This planning project will explore the building of a Sustainability Center. This center would be an educational home for sustainability-focused student groups and a laboratory that could act as a research tool for facilities management and academic programs on campus to test ‘green’ technologies and learn what works in Grinnell’s particular environment.