Be Well at Grinnell

Be Well at Grinnell

If you take good care of your mind and body, your mind and body will take great care of you!  This does not have to involve a lot of time or energy on your part.  Taking good care of yourself really just means identifying the personal balance you need among work, sleep, play, physical activity, social time, and quiet time – and making it a priority to maintain that balance.

It can be easy at Grinnell to live in an unbalanced way.  However, there are all sorts of practices you can add to your day which will help you feel and function well.  Some basics include:

  • 7-9 hours of sleep per night
  • several meals per day
  • social time every day
  • getting outdoors every day
  • moving your body and/or exercising every day

Below is a list of suggestions of other good ways to take care of yourself.  Try engaging in one or more activities such as these every day.

read for pleasure • dance • take a walk • play an instrument • meditate • commit a random act of kindness • listen to music • read or watch humor • go to a movie • paint or draw • write in a journal • go for a bike ride • go to yoga • give or get a hug • talk to a friend • play a game • play with someone’s pet • stretch • make cookies • lie on your back and watch the clouds