Strategic Plan and Annual Action Plans

Strategic planning is an ongoing process of evaluation, reflection, and improvement that helps the College set priorities, manage resources, define performance expectations, and ensure integrated actions.  Its goal is to enhance the College’s ability to carry out its mission and core values.

Charge from the Board

The Board of Trustees charges the President with the development, within the next academic year, of an ambitious, five-year Strategic Plan and authorizes the Board Chair and the President to take all actions deemed necessary and appropriate to implement the formation of such a plan.

Message from the President

“Many strategic planning processes have failed at the implementation stage. In my observation, this often happened because the initial conversations were allowed to trail off or because no one felt that she/he was responsible for the implementation. In a truly effective planning process there are multiple steps: we need to determine where we want to go; figure out how to get there; do the work; and measure our progress. To avoid the traditional pitfalls Grinnell needs to employ a process of distributed leadership and shared governance.” – President Kington, 2012