Recent books by faculty members Victoria Brown, Edward Cohn, Carolyn Herbst-Lewis, Elizabeth
Detail from Furuyama Moromasa, A Game of Hand Sumo (c.1740), Polychrome woodblock print,
Detail from shamans and animals (18th-19th century), ochre and pigments on rock, Cape Town,
Detail from New Adderley Street, Cape Town (c.1914), black and white photograph, private

History Department

History Department

Historians develop, challenge, and revise narratives and interpretations of human events to understand both past developments and their implications for the present. Through close analysis of primary sources, students learn to frame historical questions, pursue independent research, and present their ideas clearly and persuasively. The history major prepares students for a broad range of careers, and our graduates have become professionals in fields including business, education, historic preservation, information science, journalism, law, and public service.


Joy Sales ʼ13 has been awarded a a highly-competitive 2018 Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship by the Fellowships Office of The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.