Digital Liberal Arts Projects

Digital Liberal Arts Projects


Under the direction of Prof. Erik Simpson, the Grinnell Ulysses Collective has developed Ashplant, a set of tools and projects based on James Joyce’s Ulysses.

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Screenshot from Ashplant, a set of tools and projects based on James Joyce’s Ulysses

Digital Exhibits

Faculty, staff, and students at Grinnell College have curated exhibits that range in both time and space, from Ancient Rome to contemporary Asia.

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Screenshot from the Musical Instrument website

Digital Sexuality Archive

Developed by Prof. Carolyn Lewis and Helen Eckhard '18 (history), the Digital Sexuality Archive is a gateway to digital resources available on sex and sexuality in the U.S.

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The Grinnell Beowulf

The Grinnell Beowulf is a translation and teaching edition of the Old English poem. Six students worked with Tim Arner, assistant professor of English, to translate Beowulf into readable and poetic modern English.

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Cover image of The Grinnell Beowulf

Mapping Islamophobia

Developed by Prof. Caleb Elfenbein and Chloe Briney'17 in consultation with the DLAC, Mapping Islamophobia is an interactive visual representation of Islamophobic incidents in the U.S.. 

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Map of American plotting incidents of violence against Muslims in America

Mapping the Spectacle of Grief

This website (under development) examines Civil War memory by mapping large public funerals for prominent politicians, military leaders, and social activists from 1852-1898.

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Detail from Mapping the Spectacle of Grief project

Sites at Grinnell College

Sites at Grinnell College provides a place for faculty, students, and staff to share their scholarship and teaching with a publicly accessible web presence.

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