Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities

The following represents a list of potential funding opportunities for faculty interested in incorporating digital liberal arts components in their teaching, scholarship, and research. For additional information, please contact Susan Ferrari or Rachel Schnepper.

Innovation Fund

The Innovation Fund supports promising ideas proposed by faculty, staff, and students for new approaches to teaching and scholarship, as well as student-initiated proposals that enrich campus life and learning in innovative ways.

The fund enhances Grinnell’s educational excellence by encouraging innovative ways of teaching and learning. Support is offered for (1) one- to three-year, pilot projects that investigate and implement ideas initiated by creative faculty, staff, and students; and (2) one-time planning projects by a faculty/staff member or student to investigate whether an idea is feasible. The Fund fosters an agile institution by promoting an environment that is conducive to experimentation and imagination.

Annually, up to $450,000 is available for pilot projects and up to $50,000 for planning projects.

Because the Innovation Fund is focused on teaching and learning, funding preference for faculty with projects focused on strategic planning goals and technology will be prioritized. The allocation of funds is dependent on the strength of proposals, and the number of awards is contingent on the submission of a sufficient number of meritorious proposals.

Digital Bridges for Humanistic Inquiry

Grinnell College and the University of Iowa share a $1.6 million grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to develop Digital Bridges for Humanistic Inquiry, humanities-centered collaborations to expand the use of digital technology. This four-year project, launched in January 2015, supports collaboration between faculty, postdocs, graduate students, library faculty and staff, and information technology staff at both institutions.

Opportunities available through this grant include one-semester leaves for Grinnell faculty to conduct projects in the digital liberal arts while in residence at the University of Iowa’s Obermann Center, funding for collaborations between Grinnell and UI faculty on digital projects, and funds for curricular innovation and faculty-student research. At Grinnell, the grant is overseen by Erik Simpson, Professor of English, and David Lopatto, Professor of Psychology and director of the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment.

The Teagle Foundation

A 2015 grant from the Teagle Foundation of New York is supporting a collaboration between Grinnell College, Albion College, DePauw University, Hope College, Lawrence University, and Wabash College (the Midwest Hybrid Learning Consortium). This project, “Hybrid Liberal Arts Network: High Touch Learning,” provides collaboration and the creation of a program of hybrid courses to be shared within the network. Hybrid learning blends traditional strengths of member schools in high-quality engagement among students and professors in a diverse, immersive, and focused environment with the benefits of virtual, online communities. The grant provides support for pairs of faculty at MHLC institutions to work in pairs to develop linked hybrid courses, which could involve shared online modules, opportunities for each partner to share their specific expertise with students on both campuses, or other modes of hybridization that are appropriate for the course. This grant is administered by Professor David Lopatto, director of Grinnell’s Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment.