Rosenfield Internships

Rosenfield Internships

Every summer, Grinnell College students take internships in organizations that intersect with the Rosenfield Program’s mission.

The Rosenfield Program provides funding for numerous internships each year, covering travel and living expenses, allowing students to explore career paths in public affairs, international relations, and human rights. Grants supported by the Rosenfield Program have funded student internships across the globe.

2018 Rosenfield Program Internships

Dajon Coleman
Viva Tanzania
Arusha, Tanzania
Dajon Coleman, class of 2019, will intern at Viva Tanzania in the New Hope Kindergarten. He will assist teachers in the New Hope Kindergarten and support former and current street children to help them out of poverty. As a Sociology major, Dajon wants to learn more about the black diaspora and the Tanzanian community and way of life during his internship.
Jiaqi Dai
Pasadena Resource Center
Los Angeles, CA
Jiaqi Dai, class of 2020, will complete an internship at the Pasadena Resource Center, a self-help resource center affiliated with the California Court. She will participate in and help organize workshops and debriefing sessions, as well as assist walk-in litigants in finding resources. An Anthropology and Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies major, she hopes to learn more about the United States legal system.
Sophia DeLeonibus
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Chicago, IL
Sophia DeLeonibus, class of 2019, will intern at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. She will complete research and assist lawyers, and will observe depositions and court hearings as part of her internship. A History and Political Science major, Sophia wants to determine whether she wants to pursue a career in legal advocacy and learn more about how the legal system protects rights and counters discrimination.
Daria Guzzo
Benach Collopy LLP
Washington, DC
Daria Guzzo, class of 2019, will do an internship at Benach Callopy LLP, an immigration law firm in the Washington, DC area. She will assist in case preparation, conduct research, and work on a project relevant to the firm in which she takes a personal interest. A Political Science and Spanish major, Daria wants to increase her knowledge of immigration issues and hone her ability to research and prepare legal casework.
Lily Hamilton
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Chicago, IL
Lily Hamilton, class of 2019, will complete an internship in the legal unit of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. She will largely support attorneys who are engaged in litigation against employers who have violated federal civil rights statues through legal research and writing. A current Political Science and French major, Lily hopes this internship will prepare her for law school and will give her experience working in civil rights law.
MaKennah Little
Meridian Freedom Project
Meridian, MS
MaKennah Little, class of 2020, will intern at Meridian Freedom Project, an organization that works to provide students from low-income backgrounds with options for their futures after they graduate high school. She will teach speech and debate 7th through 12th grade students as part of her internship. A Sociology major, MaKennah hopes this internship will allow her to adapt more to feedback.
Joy Mitchell
Center for Constitutional Rights
New York, NY
Joy Mitchell, class of 2021, will complete an internship with the Center for Constitutional Rights. As a legal advocacy intern, she will conduct research for open court cases. An intended independent major (Critical Theory), Joy hopes her internship provides networking opportunities with lawyers and law students, as well as insight into whether law school is the right path for her.
Rayyon Robinson
African American Civil War Museum
Washington, DC
Rayyon Robinson, class of 2019, will intern at the African American Civil War Museum. Rayyon will assist with cataloging archived artifacts and collaborating with recent projects regarding new exhibits and educational programs. An Anthropology major, Rayyon hopes the internship will further develop curation and conservation skills and allow for networking experiences with museum and library professionals.
Reina Shahi
Helen Keller International
Kathmandu, Nepal
Reina Shahi, class of 2021, will intern at Helen Keller International, a non-profit organization that addresses health problems such as malnutrition and blindness. As Outreach Communication Intern, she will draft weekly reports and will assist with multimedia production. Having not yet declared her major, Reina hopes this internship improves her social and communication skills and allows her to positively contribute to the organization.
Waez Sheikh
Pakistan Mission to the United Nations
New York, NY
Waez Sheikh, class of 2019, will complete an internship at Pakistan Mission to the United Nations. Within his role, he will perform research and be a committee member by assisting diplomats in pursuing their committee’s agenda. An Economics major, he desires to learn more about multilateral diplomacy related to economic policy and sustainable development and to network with diplomats and officers at the United Nations.
Carla Tenorio
Northern Virginia Family Service
Falls Church, VA
Carla Tenorio, class of 2019, will complete an internship at Northern Virginia Family Service, a non-profit organization that provides counseling, immigration legal services, workforce development, and early childhood development. As Multicultural Center intern, she will be involved with English and Spanish interpretation and translation between clients and case workers. A Psychology major, Carla hopes to expand her professional Spanish vocabulary and better understand the needs of Spanish speaking communities through this internship.

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