Off-Campus Study

Off-Campus Study

Over 50 percent of each graduating class of Grinnell students participates in semester- or year-long off-campus study. Whatever your interests, Grinnell features a dynamic set of programs that complement and extend its strengths in a liberal arts education into other global contexts. Take a look at Grinnell-in-London, or explore how Grinnell’s financial aid and credit policies make off-campus study possible even for students who didn’t expect it. Grinnell’s internal approval process, supported by faculty advisers and OCS staff, helps students focus their thinking on a program that matches their academic goals.

Why study off-campus for a semester or possibly a year? Off-campus study fosters your engagement with other cultures and personal development in life-changing ways. You form new relationships, forge new global understandings, and acquire new ways of seeing the world while living in a different society and interacting with other cultures. Off-campus study can shape your future academic choices and enhances your professional path. Few other experiences have such a positive and sustainable impact on  your undergraduate education. Grinnell’s Office of Off-Campus Study aims to ensure that your match of program is a transformative one.

But don't just take our word for it, see what others have to say about the life- and career- changing benefits.

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