Writing Mentors Program

Writing Mentors Program

Program Description

Writing Mentors serve particular classes by consulting with students in those classes about their writing. 

Mentors are nominated by Faculty members across the curriculum.

Each Writing Mentor:

  • attends the class he/she/zi serves
  • consults with the professor about writing assignments and responses
  • meets with students outside of class
  • sometimes organizes peer workshops
  • takes a 2-credit class called Teaching Writing, offered through the Writing Lab
  • receives $9.10/hr

Goals of the Program:

  • help students and faculty view writing as a process intimately tied to learning
  • encourage revision
  • create a conversation about writing among the student body
  • empower students to view themselves as writers communicating to an audience, not just as students writing for a grade.

The program resulted from the findings of the Portfolio Project, a college-wide assessment project that began in 2007. 

Participants in the 2010 summer workshop identified the need for more support for teaching writing across the curriculum.

The Writing Mentors program resulted.