2014: Kiah Williams and Adam Kircher

2014: Kiah Williams and Adam Kircher

In 2011, Adam Kircher and Kiah Williams turned a small student organization at Stanford University into SIRUM, a pioneering, technologically cutting edge non-profit. SIRUM is a nimble online platform that facilitates the redistribution of unopened, unexpired prescription medications.

Surplus medications are donated by manufacturers, wholesalers, hospitals, and nursing homes. The medications are swiftly mailed directly to clinics that serve adults who could otherwise not afford them.

To date SIRUM has overseen the redistribution of nearly $3 million worth of medications in California while reducing the volume of unused medications disposed of through incineration and other methods potentially harmful to the environment.

Adam and Kiah have already begun to replicate their innovative model in Colorado and aim to further reduce medication waste by expanding to the 40 states where drug donation is legal and protected.

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