Different and Fun

2019 Summer Grinnell Magazine coverI love Grinnell but I am absolutely awful about spending time reading The Grinnell Magazine. Although I may or may not actually read the magazine, I still want to receive it just to flip through it for familiar faces. I was doing my casual flip through the magazine when I came across the brilliant, hand-drawn graphics and speech bubbles that just screamed, “Look at me, I’m different and fun!” [“Get the Lead Out,” Page 20].

Michele Regenold ’89 and Kevin Cannon ’02 worked together to create a 10-page comic that was aesthetically appealing, informative, and interesting. They graduated 13 years apart from one another. Thirteen years. I know technology has really enabled us to transfer information and connect more easily but seeing a product like this is really exciting.

Hopefully the editors of the magazine continue in publishing collaboration projects and using alternative forms of storytelling!

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Jenny Dong ’17
State College, PA
United States
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