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Assistant Professor discusses the importance of acknowledging black voices in music

Mark Laver, a Canadian who teaches a course on Lamar's music at Grinnell College in Iowa. Laver is a jazz saxophonist who also directs the college's jazz band.

He says [Kendrick] Lamar is an extraordinary musician because of his "flow" -- the rhythm of his lyrics and delivery.

"There are other rappers who have a more sophisticated wordplay, but the way his flow spills across the bar lines -- he sounds like a saxophone player," Laver says. "He really floats over the top of the music."
Though Lamar's music is unapologetically black, others are drawn to it -- and the work of other black musicians -- simply because "it's awesome," Laver says. He cites something the late critic Albert Murray said about blues, another black musical form.
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