New Alumni Website

Offers way to connect alumni with current students

Grinnellians have a new connection with the College, the students, and each other with the launch in August of a new web presence for alumni and friends. The Office of Development and Alumni Relations unveiled the site, featuring a seamless look with the College’s overall website and more features for users. It can be found at

“This website is the culmination of nearly two years of evaluation, discovery, and coordination of systems to improve the web experience,” says Shane Jacobson, vice president for development and alumni relations. “We know that Grinnellians are busy and technologically savvy while wanting to stay connected to friends and be engaged with the College.”

The new site offers responsive design that makes it mobile- and tablet-friendly and improves usability. There are more features, including enhanced event registration and better online giving options. 

In addition, the site features Grinnell Connect, a platform that will benefit both alumni and current students and is a cooperative effort with the Center for Careers, Life, and Service. The new platform allows alumni and students to develop mentoring relationships, network with one another, and connect professionally. Alumni can also engage via a job board where members can post and view job opportunities. 

“Whether you are at home or on the go, on your computer or your phone, you can stay connected to Grinnell more easily than ever,” says Jacobson.  “Visit the site to find a classmate or friend, make a gift, or register for an event in your area.” 

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