Summary of Board of Trustees' Meeting, April 2017

The Board of Trustees met Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, April 27-29, on campus. The following is a brief summary of the meeting.

  1. Board members dined with Early Career Faculty and Faculty Executive Council members on Thursday evening;
  2. Board members attended a session on Grinnell’s traditions, organized by the Student Government Association, on Thursday evening in the Spencer Grill;
  3. The Board heard and discussed a report concerning student success at the College, and also continued its examination of shared governance at Grinnell;
  4. The Board heard and discussed a presentation of the FY18 operating budget by Vice President for Finance Kate Walker and approved the proposed budget;   
  5. Trustees heard a report from Dean Michael Latham, who provided an update on faculty hiring and recent faculty awards;
  6. The Trustees approved the list of candidates for the Bachelor of Arts degrees in May 2017, contingent on the successful completion of degree requirements;
  7. The Board approved the award of tenure and promotion to associate professor for Jennifer Paulhus, Mathematics and Statistics Department;
  8. Angela Onwuachi-Willig ’94 gave her final report as President of the Alumni Council. She summarized the Council’s recent work and thanked the Board for the opportunity to serve and share over the last year. Peter Calvert ’79 is her successor, and John F. (Fritz) Schwaller ’69 the president-elect. The Board thanked Angela for her service;
  9. The Board members were introduced to the two SGA officers-elect who were in attendance at the meeting, President-elect Summer White ’18, and Vice President-elect for Student Affairs Kahlil Epps ’18. Current SGA President Anita DeWitt ’17 made those introductions. Vice President-elect for Academic Affairs Michaela Gelnarova ’18 was not in attendance due to her study abroad program;
  10. Trustees elected these College officers to another term: Scott Wilson ’98, Chief Investment Officer; Kate Walker, Treasurer; Susan Schoen, Secretary; Nancy Combs, Assistant Treasurer; and Angela Voos, Assistant Secretary;
  11. The Board elected four new members, Odile Disch-Bhadkamkar and Jeanne Myerson ’75 from California, Julie Gosselink from Grinnell, and Sheryl Walter ’78 from Washington, D.C.;
  12. Trustees elected Patricia Finkelman ’80, to another term as Board Chair;   
  13. The Board reelected two eligible trustees to another term: Barrett Thomas ’97 and Matthew Welch ’96;
  14. The Board attended a tour of Hotel Grinnell at 925 Park Street on Friday evening and later enjoyed dinner at the home of the President, during which the service and contributions of outgoing trustees Clint Korver ’89 and Anne Spence ’66, were celebrated.  

Patricia Finkelman ’80, Chair, Board of Trustees

Raynard S. Kington, President

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