Thank You to the Library's FY2018 SEPC Members

The Grinnell College Libraries would like to thank our FY 2018 Library Student Educational Policy Committee (Library SEPC) members Denali Carpenter '19, Hyunji (Hannah) Eom '19, Sydney Hamamoto '19, Chrys Loglo '19, and Olivia Schuette '19, for their hard work and participation in this important student role; in addition, we wish to thank those who graciously accepted our request to remain on the committee for a very busy FY 2019.

The Library SEPC is an elected body of student workers chosen by their fellow student library employees. This is a liaison group between the students and Grinnell College Libraries that provides input to improve library services, assist with the periodic performance reviews for librarians, participate in interviews of candidates for librarian positions, and help organize the Libraries’ finals–week study breaks. The advice and suggestions from the SEPC help frame the future directions in many issues such as events, collections, and library promotion.

Four to seven library student employees are elected each year (depending on the services needed) and serve for one academic year. For continuity, our past members are asked to stay on from the previous year.

Additional nominated FY 2019 Library SEPC members will be announced soon.


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