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So, imagine you go to work, and you’re a father, and you say, ‘I need to leave at 5:00 to care for my kids,’ and they fire you because they say, ‘No, men are supposed to be working, and women are supposed to be the primary caretakers of children.’

- Chase Strangio ’04 in “‘We Have to Mass Mobilize’: Laverne Cox & Chase Strangio Sound the Alarm on Major LGBTQ SCOTUS Cases,” Democracy Now!, Oct. 8, 2019

Maddy Pesch in Grinnell riding gear with her bike on a mountain passTo me, there is no better way to explore the world than to swim, bike, run, and then eat your way through it. Even if it is a pain in the @$$ to travel with a bike. Grateful for the opportunity to be here.

- Maddy Pesch ’16, in Nice, France, competing in her first professional half-Ironman triathlon world championship, Instagram ; follow her @peschmaddytri

Alumni Award for Dorje Gurung“So this just got delivered! To all my Grinnell classmates and Grinnell College, thank you for the honor!”

- Dorje Gurung ’94, Twitter

Uly  reaches out to touch the cartoonUly’s first exposure to comics is a 10-pager about geochemist Clair Patterson I drew for The Grinnell Magazine.

- Kevin Cannon ’02, Twitter

North loggia with bike “Loggia: not just a dead actor.”

- Nick Hanson, residence life coordinator, Instagram

“The words every Iowan wants to see on her Facebook feed: ‘SWEET CORN COMING SOON!’”

- Sarah Purcell ’92, L. F. Parker Professor of History, Twitter

Grinnellians at brewery"Grinnellians on the move: 2019 Northern Colorado Alumni Brewery Tour!"

- Jake Joseph ’11, Instagram

"My signature party trick is telling people that kilts were invented by English imperialists. Thanks, Grinnell College history department!"

- Emma Friedlander ’18, Twitter

"On my 4th year anniversary of committing to Grinnell College, I am compelled to publicly appreciate the community I have now come to love. I am certain there is no other college that would have given me a greater opportunity for personal and academic growth."

- Peter Cipriano ’19, Twitter

"These are no longer job interviews. They’re long courtships where people get to know the candidates as if they were dating."

- Barbara Trish, professor of political science, quoted in “Campaigns without end: Today’s presidential marathons took root in 1968,” Los Angeles Times, March 11, 2019