Anthropology Faculty

Vicki Bentley-Condit
Professor - Department Chair

Vicki Bentley-Condit has taught biological anthropology at Grinnell since 1995. She is a primatologist who has conducted research with both wild and captive baboon populations and... See this person's full profile

Professor - Center for Prairie Studies Department Chair
Rosenfield Professor In Social Science - Anthropology
Director of the Center for Prairie Studies

Jonathan Andelson was born in Chicago, attended college at Grinnell, and earned his doctorate in anthropology at the University of Michigan in 1974. His main interests are intentional... See full profile

Caulkins Doug
Professor, Emeritus

Douglas Caulkins was born and raised in Rapid City, South Dakota, and earned a B.A. with Honors and Distinction in Anthropology and Sociology at Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota,... See full profile

Xavier Escandell
Associate Professor

Xavier Escandell's research explores immigration, transnationalism, and race/ethnic relations in the context of Western, Eastern Europe and Latin America. His work has been published in... See full profile

Brigittine French
Professor - Peace and Conflict Studies Department Chair
Chair, Peace and Conflict Studies Committee

Brigittine French earned a PhD from the University of Iowa in 2001 and joined the Anthropology Department at Grinnell College in 2003. French is a linguistic anthropologist whose primary... See full profile

Katya Gibel Mevorach
Professor - American Studies Department Chair
Baccalaureate 2017: Professor Katya Gibel Mevorach, Anthropology & American Studies


Katya Gibel Mevorach holds a Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from Duke University. She... See full profile

Assistant Professor

On Leave Fall 2017

Cynthia Hansen began teaching in the Linguistics Concentration at Grinnell in January 2012.  Her research focuses on the documentation and linguistic... See full profile

Kathy Kamp
Earl D. Strong Professor of Social Studies
Director of DASIL; Member, Peace and Conflict Studies Committee

Kathryn Kamp teaches anthropology and archaeology at Grinnell College. While she has worked in Syria and Belize, her major research focus is the study of the Puebloan populations who... See full profile

Tess Kulstad
Assistant Professor

Tess M. Kulstad Gonzalez is a sociocultural anthropologist with a longstanding interest in the social construction of relatedness, childrearing, and the human rights of children. Her... See full profile

Associate Professor
Monty Roper is a cultural anthropologist interested in the political economy of natural resource management, indigenous social movements, Non-governmental organizations, and community... See full profile
Associate Dean of the College

Maria Tapias earned her PhD in Anthropology at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and has been teaching at Grinnell since 2001. Her research interests include women's and... See full profile

Whittaker, John.JPG

John Whittaker (BA Cornell U. 1975, PHD U. of Arizona 1984) has been teaching at Grinnell since 1984. He considers himself an anthropological archaeologist, which means that while he... See full profile