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Department Technician & Lab Instructor

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Ann Ellis

I spend my research time exploring the development of children’s cognitive processes. My work is motivated by the goal to understand how children’s developing abilities and their... See full profile


My main focus of research is on implicit memory, the influence of past experience that facilitates or biases current performance in the absence of conscious recollection. I have explored... See full profile

Electronic Survey Data Analyst
Electronic Survey Data Analyst
Senior Lecturer

My research focus is children's language acquisition. Some of the questions I am interested in include: How do children come to understand the link between a sound and its meaning in the... See full profile

Damian Kelty-Stephen
Assistant Professor

Cognitive performance depends on the interactions of many processes at many scales nested in time and space. Damian Kelty-Stephen's work investigates these interactions in terms of time-... See full profile

Director of the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment; Samuel R. and Marie-Louise Rosenthal Professor of Natural Science and Mathematics.
Links to Assessment Instruments CURE survey (Classroom Undergraduate Research Experience) RISC survey (Research on the Integrated Science Curriculum) ROLE survey (Research on Learning and... See full profile
Portrait of Connie Molison
Teacher Assistant - Preschool Laboratory
Nancy Rempel-Clower
Associate Professor

I use behavioral and neuroanatomical techniques to study the role of prefrontal cortex in emotion and memory. My current work focuses on understanding the contributions of distinct... See full profile

Associate Professor

The general goal of my research program is to document the dynamic functioning of personality across different social situations.  Specifically, I am interested in (a) the extent to... See full profile

Associate Professor - Neuroscience Department Chair

My primary research interest is ingestive behavior - specifically, the role of learning in food choice and food motivation, with a particular focus on how these influence, and are... See full profile

Director/Lead Teacher of the Preschool

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