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Jeanne Pinder '75 talks about transparency in the healthcare industry

A month ago on bus ride from New York City to Washington DC I befriended the woman across the aisle from me as we discovered we were both on our way to attend the first ever (in 2016!) White House sponsored: The United State of Women Summit. We were to attend along with 5,000 other women from across the country to discuss economic empowerment, leadership and civic engagement, educational opportunities, violence against women, entrepreneurship and innovation, and health and wellness. It turned out that Jeanne Pinder, a former veteran reporter at The New York Times, falls in the two later categories. She went on from a lifelong career in journalism to creating ClearHealthCosts–a start-up that brings “transparency to the health-care marketplace by telling people prices for medical procedures and items. By revealing prices, we are empowering consumers to make informed decisions about the costs of their medical care and coverage.”


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