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Riverbed Theater, cofounded by Associate Professor Craig Quintero, performs at Taipei Artist Village

Trying to describe a Riverbed Theatre (河床劇團) performance is like trying to hold a large soap bubble in your hands for more than a few seconds. Just when you think you have a firm grasp on the matter, it slips away — or bursts — reminding you that what you thought you had was just an illusion.

That could be because the troupe has always treated life — and its performances — as a series of illusions, which are revealed and then disappear, usually through a combination of floor traps and sliding doors or windows.

The company returns to the Taipei Artist Village next weekend with reves de riz (摘花-亞維儂版), a collaboration with the Gang-a-tsui Theater (江之翠南管劇場), a nanguan (南管) ensemble, which they premiered at the OFF d’Avignon festival in July.

Reves de riz is the second collaboration between the two Taipei-based troupes, whose first joint venture was Mixed Blood (摘花), performed at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park in 2013.

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Taipei Times