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"My signature party trick is telling people that kilts were invented by English imperialists. Thanks, Grinnell College history department!"

- Emma Friedlander ’18, Twitter

"On my 4th year anniversary of committing to Grinnell College, I am compelled to publicly appreciate the community I have now come to love. I am certain there is no other college that would have given me a greater opportunity for personal and academic growth."

- Peter Cipriano ’19, Twitter

"These are no longer job interviews. They’re long courtships where people get to know the candidates as if they were dating."

- Barbara Trish, professor of political science, quoted in “Campaigns without end: Today’s presidential marathons took root in 1968,” Los Angeles Times, March 11, 2019

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been gone or how much has changed. Grinnell College is one of those places that always feels like home.”


- Alysia Horcher ’15, Twitter

Connie Coleman in student affairs office“After 25+ years of service, Connie Coleman is retiring as the friendliest face and warmest greeting on campus. We will miss you, Connie!!”

- Ben Newhouse, dean of students, Instagram

Image of group in front of zoo lights“Love my Grinnell-in-D.C. crew!”

- Emma Lange ’16, Instagram

“I well remember the Siberian Polar Vortex winters at Grinnell College in the latter part of the 1970s. The temperature was occasionally 40 below, where the scales cross. I realized this when, years later, I was talking about this with a co-worker from Siberia.”

- Carl Klapper ’79, Twitter

“When you find new Grinnell College alumni working at the hospital with you by returning a page and the phone being answered with ‘GC Pride.’”

- Alysia Horcher ’15, Twitter

“Whether raised fists or dropped knees, protests by prominent African American athletes command our attention — and highlight our division — as the same conversation of racial injustice continues.”

- George Barlow, associate professor of English, and Barbara Trish, professor of political science, in their op-ed “How Athletes Are Changing the Conversation Around Racism,” The Washington Post, Oct. 16, 2018

stack of booksUnpacking books, I found my history of women in the U.S. collection. Before Grinnell College, I did not realize I’d grown up in a sexist and patriarchal society. Nor did I understand that women’s stories, struggles, and experiences could be subjects of enquiry and study. 

- Mariela Magnelli ’06, Twitter