Grinnell College National Poll

Civic Trust

Since 2018, the Grinnell College National Poll (GCNP) has partnered faculty and students with nationally renowned pollster J. Ann Selzer to probe the political attitudes of the American public. Today, the poll is a trusted source of information for journalists and the public, a platform for innovative teaching in the classroom, and a vital way for Grinnell College to join the national conversation about our nation’s future. Among other top-level findings from the latest (March 2023) GCNP:

  • 68% oppose allowing businesses to refuse services to LGBTQIA+ customers.
  • 60% oppose the Supreme Court’s decision that overturned the precedent set by Roe v. Wade.
  • 57% say it is not appropriate for public school teachers to speak their minds about politics in the classroom.

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