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In this issue: Spring 2020

Zoé Strecker, Juan Castaño, Juan Carlos Pérez Borja
Campus News

Change Agents in Education, Arts, and the Environment

Alumni recipients of the 2019 Joseph F. Wall ’41 Alumni Service Awards have ambitious plans for their $35,000 awards.

Detail of green map of campus
Campus News

Sustainability Efforts Employed by the College

Many sustainability efforts by the College are in plain sight while others are literally buried, including four geothermal well fields. Find where most efforts take place.
detail from Pamela Greenblatt Crocket's Anchovy Dance
Campus News

Nature, Made: Alumni Invitational

April 3–July 31: At the Grinnell College Museum of Art
Player in Grinnell College football helmet
Campus News

Football Continues at Grinnell

In October, Grinnell College withdrew its football team from competitive play, forfeiting the rest of the season, to protect the health and safety of the student-athletes.

Team huddle

“This Team’s Never Flustered”

Grinnell volleyball team is calm, confident, and committed to each other
Sheryl Walter ’78 presenting at the campaign event in Washington, D.C.

Filling the Gap in Student Mental Health Care

Personal experience leads Grinnell trustee to support mental health services for students
Multicultural Reunion
Alumni Council News

The Evolution of Multicultural Reunion

Multicultural Reunion seeks to establish a sense of inclusion among alumni by celebrating the strength we find in our overlapping personal, cultural, spiritual, and social identities.
Sam Nakahira

An Illustrated History

How Japanese Americans influenced agriculture and food

Paul Migliorato (right) and Hana, his daughter
Back Talk

How Place Anchors Memory

It came as a surprise when [my older daughter] Hana, who lives and works in Boston, suggested we attend my 40th reunion together.