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Drawing of Gates & Rawson tower"Grinnell College’s iconic Gates-Rawson Tower. I’ve walked past this building a ton of times in the past two years and finally got around to drawing it. About half drawn from life on a few sunny days on campus."

- Max Sorenson ’22, @maxsorensonart, Instagram

tee with rainbow text spelling out words for pride in a variety of languages"Our next contestant, in Fruit of the Loom heavy cotton, comes to us all the way from Grinnell College nineteen ninety nine, let’s hear it for PRIDE."

- M. Molly Backes ’02, @mollybackes, Twitter

At @GrinnellCollege, I worked in the dining hall, like many #internationalstudents. Lyle Bauman, my white Iowa supervisor, NEVER called me Mini. He told me he got in trouble with his wife for repeating my name to remember it. #hehasmyrespect Mrinalini, worth learning

- Mrinalini Watsa ’06, @SurroundScience, Twitter

Kumail Nanjiani"Extremely proud of my alma mater @GrinnellCollege for ELIMINATING need-based loans and replacing them with scholarships. Future graduates will not have to pay off loans the way I had to for 10-plus years. This was the right thing to do."

- Kumail Nanjiani ’01, @kumailn, Twitter

cover of Grinnell College 2014015 Women's Swimming and Diving with four swimmers in pool"#tbt Grinnell College Swim and Dive season preview 2014–2015. Do you know which one’s me? I’m sharing this photo because the team is having a virtual alumni gathering this week. The team’s competitive season is canceled this year, and I feel for the students because I cherish my four years of college swimming so much. But they are making the most of it, still training as much as possible and getting creative with ways to make memories with their teammates. One of my memories is from this photo shoot. We took both smiling and serious photos but all agreed that the serious ones showed we meant business for the upcoming season … and that was the year my medley relay team set two conference records that still stand today!"

- Maddy Pesch ’16, @peschmaddytri, Instagram

Green succulent with leaves edged in hot pinkI am not going to post a photo of the storm damage because that’s depressing so here’s my pretty succulent.

- Ashley Millet, greenhouse manager @amillet0926, Instagram

Did a talk and online discussion for @GrinnellCollege “Virtual Alumni College” today. It was super fun to see folks and have a great conversation. Missing campus! #HistorianLife

- Sarah J. Purcell ’92, @SarahJPurcell, Twitter

I have to say, I find the deciding whether or not to go to Grinnell for college subplot of The Half of It very relatable. #IFeelSeen

- Dana Watson ’02, @danawatson, Twitter

Grey cat wearing a red Grinnell College shirtHeart emoji@grinnellcollege

- Lucy Polyak ’23, @lucy_polyak, Twitter

Ya know what it’s probably a good thing we’re online right now bc if i unleashed this sheer ENERGY and KNOWLEDGE OF SELF that I've accumulated since march on the town of grinnell, it would probably explode.

- Lucy Polyak ’23, @lucy_polyak, Twitter