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In this issue: Winter 2019

Shafiq R. Kahn talking with Grinnellians around a table
Campus News

2019 Grinnell Prize Winner: Shafiq R. Khan

The $100,000 Grinnell College Innovator for Social Justice Prize was awarded to Shafiq R. Khan, founder and CEO of Empower People.
Detail of HSSC skylight and crenellations
Campus News


The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation awarded Grinnell College a $1 million grant for “The Humanities in Action,” a project that will focus on curricular reform, community engagement, and career development.

All Hands on Deck #3 by Damon Davis
Campus News

Damon Davis

Damon Davis exhibition Jan. 24–March 14, 2020, at the Grinnell College Museum of Art

Julie Mehretu, Entropia
Campus News

Excavations: The Prints of Julie Mehretu

Excavations: The Prints of Julie Mehretu, Jan. 24–April 4, 2020, at the Grinnell College Museum of Art

Hand raising in crowd
Campus News

Grinnell College National Poll Reveals Dip in Job Approval

More than half of U.S. residents say their feelings towards President Donald Trump have become “more unfavorable” since he took office, according to the newest edition of the Grinnell College National Poll, released Oct. 29, 2019.

Evelyn and Will Freeman standing next to the score board for the Darren W. Young track and field complex

Finish Line Just Ahead

After four decades of coaching, the Will and Evelyn Freeman era is coming to an end.
Roger Roe ’70 and Paula Speltz Roe ’73

Kickstart for Class of 1970 Scholarship

In town early for football practices, Roger Roe ’70 first met his future wife, Paula Speltz Roe ’73, outside Burling Library during Paula’s freshman orientation week at Grinnell.

Alumni award winner accepts certificate and award at Alumni Reunion ceremony
Alumni Council News

Community Is Our Strength

I am not from Iowa, but every time I come back to Grinnell, it feels as much home to me as my actual hometown of Portland, Oregon.

Vivek Venugopal

Start with a Parent-Approved, Sensible Major

Then follow your “thirst to learn new things”

Sean Forman talking to two people

Three Strikes and You’re … in Business

From math prof to data entrepreneur

Deb Helsing

How to Overcome Your Resistance to Change

Grinnell’s diverse culture helped alumna examine her core beliefs

Bret Gifford P’23 (left) and Jeff Taft-Dick ’73
Grinnell Connection

All Roads Lead Through Norris

The Grinnell connection

Emily Mize Robare
Back Talk

No More Time to Procrastinate

My 7-year-old and her friend were playing fairies. Her friend said, “If I could have any wish, I would wish that magic were real.” Annabel responded, “Really? Not to stop global warming?”