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Green succulent with leaves edged in hot pinkI am not going to post a photo of the storm damage because that’s depressing so here’s my pretty succulent.

- Ashley Millet, greenhouse manager @amillet0926, Instagram

Did a talk and online discussion for @GrinnellCollege “Virtual Alumni College” today. It was super fun to see folks and have a great conversation. Missing campus! #HistorianLife

- Sarah J. Purcell ’92, @SarahJPurcell, Twitter

I have to say, I find the deciding whether or not to go to Grinnell for college subplot of The Half of It very relatable. #IFeelSeen

- Dana Watson ’02, @danawatson, Twitter

Grey cat wearing a red Grinnell College shirtHeart emoji@grinnellcollege

- Lucy Polyak ’23, @lucy_polyak, Twitter

Ya know what it’s probably a good thing we’re online right now bc if i unleashed this sheer ENERGY and KNOWLEDGE OF SELF that I've accumulated since march on the town of grinnell, it would probably explode.

- Lucy Polyak ’23, @lucy_polyak, Twitter

“Self-tracking devices provide a kind of social currency: if you’ve taken more steps, you’re somehow a ‘better’ person. But if you haven’t reached your goal, you’re a failure. As such, self-tracking can induce or reinforce negative self-image.”

- Enrique Rueda ’20 and Karla Erickson, professor of sociology, in “Self-Tracking Your 2020 Resolutions,” Scientific American blog, Jan. 2, 2020

People jump with U.S. Capitol in the background2019 in DC!

- Instagram; grinnell2019

Work Hard, Cry Hard: Things you can do right now to help resist Trump“Someone emailed me to say that they found a copy of a zine I made in Portland in 2016 laying in a street in NYC just a few months ago. They picked it up out of the gutter, read it, and loved it. The joy of print media is you never know where your work will wind up!”

- Sarah Mirk ’08, @sarahmirk, Twitter

[Untitled]Sunny scene shows large corn silos with mound of golden corn under blue skies and fluffy clouds

- Grace Lloyd ’16, assistant director of admission, Instagram

The best part of coming back to Grinnell College so often is definitely getting to meet with the students. They remind me that if Grinnellians ran the world, it’d be a much better and more just place.

- David Jarvis ’04, Alumni Council member, Twitter