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The other day my wife and I were doing some holiday gift shopping at a bookstore, and I saw that she was carrying @finejuli’s book. First thing out of my mouth? Oh, she went to Grinnell. You should get that. Damn, the tiny liberal arts college indoctrination is strong

- Jeremy (Sequoia) Nagamatsu ‘04 | @SequoiaN | Twitter

Paige OlowuSigning off on a semester well spent.

- Paige Olowu ’22 | @pa.aige | Instagram

Two people with leashed cats, one of which is in a backpack and the other on a shoulderJust a couple of Grinnellians out walking their cats. Stay weird,

- Molly Backes ’02 | @mollybackes | Twitter

House decorated with Christmas ornaments and Honor G flag I’ve hung the giant Christmas ornaments from the trees. More important is what’s on the flagpole: @henny.horn has officially been accepted at @grinnellcollege where he’ll be playing golf next year. Go Pioneers!

- John Horn (parent of Henry Horn ’26) | @jghorn | Instagram

Image of the tweet“I saw this post from my alma mater and excitedly checked to see if there was anyone from my graduating class before I remembered... we are no longer under 30

Anyways congrats to all Grinnellians recognized with this honor! @GrinnellCollege”

- Rebecca Mandt ’13 | @rebeccamandt | Twitter

Kesho Scott showing her red shoes to the audienceI think, today was a happy day for me! What do you think! An Honorary Degree from Grinnell College and Ruby Red Slippers!

- Kesho Scott, associate professor of American studies and sociology | Facebook
parents relaxing in the shaded hammocks near Noyce Science CenterPost Move-In Vibes — note that these are all parents. #nso

- Ben Newhouse, dean of students | @benjnewhouse Instagram

The real question is: do I take my book and coffee and go sit on Mac field like a true grinnellian or walk around downtown and hope I see ppl I recognize

- Eva Roman Aguilera ’22 | @evita_bby Twitter

i am the slightest bit ashamed to admit that i miss the grinnell pasta bar

- Elle Lewis Eme ’23 | @elle_lewiseme Twitter

original post: Edith Renfrow Smith image and title from Chicago Sun Times article Nobody's Better Than YouHappy 107th Birthday to Edith Renfro [sic] Smith. An influence to all who met her, Edith lived across the street from the Hancock family in Chicago and it was she, an alumnus of @GrinnellCollege, who first influenced Herbie’s decision to attend school there. 

- Herbie Hancock | @HerbieHancock