Fall 2017


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The College Board of Trustees recently elected four new members: Jeanne Myerson ’75, Sheryl Walter ’78, Odile Disch-Bhadkamkar, and Julie Gosselink.
The South Pavilion of the new Humanities and Social Studies Complex (HSSC) took shape on central campus during the summer.

Lucy Chechik ’18, a chemistry major from Minneapolis, wanted to study abroad and chose DIS (Danish Institute for Study Abroad) Copenhagen because of its focus on medicine. 

During fall 2016, Chechik enjoyed getting a chance...

Eric Ragan ’12 first came to Grinnell in 2008 knowing little more than that he wanted to keep playing sports in college, and he wanted to do it in a “high academic” environment.

Developing a comprehensive diversity plan is an iterative process that requires considerable time, attention, and care, especially when gathering and evaluating confidential feedback. Because of this, it has not been a quick process.

After graduating college, I spent a long time searching for the perfect job. Most important in my search was finding a job where I felt like part of a team that was pushing me to be the best I could be.


With academic jobs at a premium and corporate America more appreciative of the social sciences, modern-day anthropologists are increasingly working with companies like Intel, IBM, and Google — all of which have in-house anthropologists.


“Books like Of Mice and Men and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time might be well-meaning, but ultimately speak for people with disabilities in a way that doesn’t show their true dynamism, capabilities, and unique voices,” says Bryan Boyce '08.


Picture a techie — it’s likely you’re imagining a slightly out of shape young man hunched over a computer somewhere in California, rather than someone like Terian Koscik ’12.