Bidets Aren’t Silly

I read with interest the feature “Chemistry in Copenhagen” in the Fall 2017 edition [Page 33], but was disappointed that the article dismissed bidets as a “silly topic.” When my wife returned from a trip to Japan two years ago extolling the virtues of the bidet, we quickly bought one (on Amazon!) and it has become one of our favored appliances. 

The bidet is often a source of discussion at parties, but it has also contributed to improved hygiene and a reduction in toilet paper consumption. Several friends and family members have purchased bidets after visiting our house! 

I recommend Grinnell College purchase bidets for all of their toilets for sustainability reasons: you will be amazed in the reduction in toilet paper, at a cost of slightly increased water use! Your students will thank you too.

Author Info: 
Emily Resseger ’02
Minneapolis, MN
United States
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