Love Letter to Grinnell

North Campus in summer with red heart drawn around Gates Rawson TowerDear Grinnell,

I know it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other. But I still think about you — often. I’m not sure exactly how, but you helped me prepare for all those years after we parted. 

To me, you were always ahead of your time, yet you made time for me — to catch up. You were demanding but forgiving. Hip, but not over the top. I wouldn’t use the word pretty, but I was always struck by your beauty. 

I guess I was lucky. These pairings don’t always work out. But you helped me do a better job of becoming me. That sounds so 1960s now. But seriously, I’m grateful. And forever in your debt. 

Author Info: 
Michael Reinemer ’76
Annandale, VA
United States