Bicyclist heading to South Loggia, Main Hall in the backgroundIn 1958 I had back surgery over the holiday break from Northwestern University, where I had started as a freshman in September. I didn’t want to go back … somehow, John Zimdars ’62 heard that message and let me know that there was ONE spot for a freshman female at Grinnell. By some miracle, Dr. Merle Goodman came to interview me, and he approved my admission. I was not your typical freshman: I needed an elevator, someone to carry my books and make my bed, couldn't dance or walk very far, and [had] six months of not bending over. I landed in the perfect place, Main Hall, creaky elevator and all, and women who were amazing caregivers. It was the serendipity of my life — Grinnell was made for me, and I’m looking forward to our 60th reunion.

Author Info: 
Sue Fernald Smith ’62
Lemont, PA
United States