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Fall 2021 The Grinnell Magazine

In response to your article, “First-Year Tutorial is the Linchpin” (Fall 2021), I speak as a student who barely missed out on the opportunity. I was a freshman the fall of 1970 when Professor [Beryl] Clotfelter was leading the “no requirement” campaign. My freshmen adviser said “don’t sign up for required courses. We’re about to get rid of them.” I quite frankly thought he was nuts. I had never heard of such a thing. “Get them out of the way” was what I was familiar with. So I knocked out a fine arts and foreign language “requirement.” Those two classes nearly broke me. Thank goodness for pass-fail and a very kind French teacher. And, although the requirements were gone, I still regret the missed opportunity of the freshman tutorial. It was rather sad to hear the incoming freshmen in the remainder of my years at Grinnell speak of their wonderful tutorial experiences.

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Julie Appel Glavin ’74
Munster, IN
United States
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