Change and Renewal

A Message from President Anne F. Harris

I write to you during the season of change and renewal, between the celebration of the Class of 2023’s accomplishments at Commencement, and the anticipation of the joy sparked by Grinnellians of all generations arriving on campus for their milestone reunions. These experiences are vibrant reminders of how a Grinnell College education changes the trajectory of students’ lives across and through generations.

On campus, we are in the midst of finalizing a new strategic plan to guide the College’s focus and leverage its historical values and distinctive strengths to ensure that Grinnell remains a vibrant leader in higher education. This is truly a plan shaped by the voices of faculty, staff, students, trustees, alumni leadership, and community leaders, and I look forward to sharing more about this effort this fall and in a future issue of the magazine.

In this issue, Grinnell Magazine’s authors explore aspects of the College’s identity and purpose and how they impact students on campus and well beyond. As a global institution in a rural setting with a national voice, Grinnellians appreciate the benefits of global citizenship while also finding ways to forge connections, no matter where they are in the world.

Grinnell’s student-run “Going Forth” podcast creates connections between current students and alumni through the medium of informative and entertaining audio content. Read more about the podcast’s evolution and the experience of the student hosts and alumni guests. You’ll be inspired to listen.

As we anticipate how Grinnell can evolve through the strategic plan and the continued relevance of the College’s core values, I invite you to explore current course offerings through “The 60-Second Syllabus” and continue to learn from world-class faculty members who create dozens of creative and timely course offerings each semester. You can learn more about what students have been learning lately and why it matters.

As we prepare to welcome the Class of 2027 this fall, we are filled with anticipation of the tremendous talent and promise that they will bring to the College community. A Grinnell College education continues to be in high demand, and we will welcome a fantastic class from across the United States and around the globe. Before we know it, they will be making connections and become part of the vibrant network of Grinnellians who flag each other down in airports when they see someone in Grinnell gear or generously share their professional paths and expertise with students and fellow alumni.

Thank you for being part of Grinnell’s past, present, and future!

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