Welcome, New Trustees

The Grinnell College Board of Trustees recently elected five new members to four-year terms: G. Barry Huff  ’73, Kimberly Kuncl ’87, Stephen G. Moyer ’79, Angela Onwuachi-Willig ’94, and Saumil Parikh ’99.

In addition, John “Fritz” Schwaller ’69 has been elected Alumni Council president for 2018-19 and will serve as an ex-officio trustee during his term.

The board also voted to re-elect six trustees to new terms: Trish Fitzgibbons Anderson ’80, David Braman ’75; Sylvia Kwan, Tobi Klein Marcus ’87, George E. Moose ’66, and Connie Wimer.

The role of trustees is to assure the “great and lasting good” of Grinnell College. For bios of the new members, see trustees’ full biographical profiles.


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