Rename our “That’s So Grinnellian” photo essay

Thats So Grinnellian spread from Fall 2015

Our prompt in the spring issue was a dud. Apparently, encapsulating the gist of a nebulous concept in a headline is not fun. We received responses from two people offering ideas for a new name for the photo essay. Nor was the prompt clear because two other respondents suggested titles for that particular photo, a scene of three students playing in the snow. 

We introduced the “That’s So Grinnellian” photo feature in fall 2015 with the magazine’s redesign, and since then several people have commented negatively on its title. So we thought there might be enough interest among readers to help us come up with a new title. We also thought that since so many people responded to our six-word memoir prompt (see “Prompted,” Spring 2018, Page 35), another prompt seeking short responses would yield good results too. 

Coincidentally, before the spring prompt was published we received a letter to the editor about the title. See “Letters,” Page 2.

So we apologize for the crummy prompt and invite you to respond to either or both of these. Meanwhile we’ll keep thinking about a new title for “That’s So Grinnellian.”

Michele Reginald ’89