Fall 2018

Prompt: Advice to your younger self about starting at Grinnell

1. Don’t accept advice from your older self.
2. But if you do … First, don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Lots of them. In all areas. Painful as they are, mistakes will help you grow.
3. Be as kind and compassionate to others and yourself as possible.
4. Spend a year studying in a Spanish-speaking country. Regardless of your career, speaking Spanish will be super helpful.
5. Try to lay off the sugar. (I know, it’s still hard 34 years later.)
6. Realize your privilege as a straight, white, temporarily-abled middle-class male. Vow to resist systemic injustice in all its forms.
7. Play as much Frisbee® as you can. (This will come naturally.)
8. Take your work and the issues seriously, but yourself lightly. This will take lots of practice.
9. Don’t worry about making a lot of money. But earn enough to give back some, including to Grinnell.

• Go out and have fun with friends at weekends instead of learning and reviewing all day, because first, you deserve it, and second, you will find out moderate relaxation makes you more efficient.
• Join some conversations that are okay to join.
• Explore Grinnell; you will be surprised by what you find.

• Sign up for so many clubs that the inbox is crammed with emails you never open.
• Skip the gym day and reading materials.
• Feel incompetent at the beginning; it’s just a start and things will get better.

Summer 2018

Prompt: Rename our “That’s So Grinnellian” photo essay

Our prompt in the spring issue was a dud. Apparently, encapsulating the gist of a nebulous concept in a headline is not fun. We received responses from two people offering ideas for a new name for the photo essay.
Spring 2018

Prompt: Write a memoir in six words, no more, no less.







birth, eventual death, with stuff between

Nightly deep conversations in dorm hallways.

Midnight finals Zirkle. Friends, fire, nothing.

(The juggling club used to meet at the Zirkle at midnight each night during finals to juggle and blow off steam. Some of the members were really great at juggling fire torches. Especially in winter, the moving fire was lovely when the reflections bounced off the snow. The announcement used to always say that “nothing” was happening at midnight at the Zirkle. I was never a very good juggler, unlike many, but made some great friends trying and failing to juggle flaming torches.)







Stopped eating animals at age 18.

I lived, learned, taught, and enjoyed.