1968 to 1976: A Vanished Time

Ric MacDowell ’68 has a photography exhibition from November 2018 through January 2019 at Taylor Books Gallery in Charleston, West Virginia. 1968 to 1976: A Vanished Time reflects on the inner strength and character of people who were MacDowell’s neighbors and friends during that time. Immediately after graduating from Grinnell in 1968, MacDowell went to rural West Virginia as a volunteer for Service to America. Except for a brief time, he has lived in rural West Virginia ever since. His exhibition focuses on three rural communities where MacDowell lived and worked during a time when people were changing from outhouses to indoor toilets and getting telephones. The influence of Walmarts, interstates, and TV was poised to redefine the values and culture of the area. “Sherm’s Barn,” one of the photographs in the exhibition, is in the College’s permanent collection.