2016 Presidential Election

Thanks to Mervat Youssef for her insight and perspective on the 2016 presidential election. I know many Trump supporters voted for “part” of what they thought they were hearing, and I know many are hoping that America is “greater” than the egotistical corporate dishonesty and pettiness to which we’ve been treated since. 

Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” My forefathers fought for, and I believe in, the America to which Mervat has pledged her allegiance and is hanging on to. To the extent this new government advances social justice, responsible freedom, and economic prosperity (for all) — fundamental American values, I welcome their work. Should they continue trafficking in deceit, doubt, misdirection, and contradiction (“gaslighting”), every one of us should be prepared to correct their apprehension that “the American people don’t care,” or worse, that we’re too simple to know the difference. 

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Michael Eaton ’71
Evergreen, CO
United States
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