Fossil Fuels

Taking umbrage with [“Q&A with the Fossil Fuels and Climate Impact Task Force,” Winter 2017, Page 4], which obviously was predetermined as to its outcome.

“We believe our process has been as important as the serious questions we are seeking to address.” What EXACTLY were the “serious questions” Grinnell was “seeking to address”?

“This has been a completely open, inclusive, and transparent process.” How so?

WHERE are the excerpts from the “open, inclusive, and transparent” discussions?

Exactly HOW has this been open and transparent when the PURPOSE of the “process” has been to discuss how to divest Grinnell of investment in energy companies that sustained it for over a century?

If I had submitted this article to my Modern Philosophy professor in 1970, I’d have been graded a 2- (D+) or an F for the effort.

Editor’s note: As mentioned in the original article, more information on this issue — including recordings of a series of dialogue sessions in the fall of 2017 — is available through the task force website.

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Jim Greaves ’71
Thompson Falls, MT
United States
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