In mid-July, when I was between books and tidying up, I found a stack of Grinnell magazines I’d set aside until I had more time. After opening the Spring 2020 edition and reading a well-written letter on Page 2, I noticed that the signature, Tamar Nyman Lasky ’76, looked familiar.

Years ago, a gregarious neighbor started a roster of the residents on Blacksmith Drive that has somehow fallen to me to maintain. I checked the roster and found that, indeed, a new resident in the cul-de-sac was Tammi Lasky, whom I had met once or twice.

Could this be the author of the letter? I sent her an email and she immediately responded. What a surprise! Two Grinnell alumnae on the same street. How often does that happen? The closest so far was that a grad school classmate of John Mohan lives two doors down. We met a few days later to discuss our Grinnell experiences. We’d both had classes with Ken Christiansen and Joe Wall ’41, but the Grinnell climate changed significantly after 1970.
Kathleen Haberman Larson ’64

And I would add: I moved to Columbia, Maryland, from Baltimore County in 2019 to be closer to my new job at the Food and Drug Administration (of course, not knowing that I would be working remotely a year later). The nice neighbors were a bonus, but not part of my house search; and I didn’t expect a fellow Grinnellian to live down the street from me. We think we may be the only street in Maryland with two Grinnell households and would love to hear from others. And I would also like to coin a name for such occurrences. In the meantime, hello from “Grinnell-in-Columbia.”
Tammi (Nyman) Lasky ’76

Author Info: 
Kathleen Haberman Larson ’64 and Tammi (Nyman) Lasky ’76
Columbia, MD
United States