Summer 2017


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"Engage, care, be passionate. Because each other is all we have. This is all we got, this is all we have. And it may not be heaven, but it can be Iowa. Congratulations, class of 2017. Welcome to the real world. We need you out here." 


Gina Clayton is the recipient of the 2017 Grinnell College Innovator for Social Justice Prize. The attorney and activist founded and directs …

“Before America was my home, Iowa was my home, and before Iowa was my home, Grinnell was my home.”

— Kumail Nanjiani ’01, Doctor of Humane Letters

“How lucky you are to be emerging from this place where the past four years have provided you with tools of intentionality, intellect,...

Austin Simmons ’90 routinely describes Grinnell as a winning lottery ticket. “It was pure luck that I ended up there,” he says. “Grinnell was everything I needed.”

Topics relevant to the larger student and alumni community were the focus of discussion sessions between the Alumni Council and College administrators during the council’s March meeting on campus.

It’s pitch-dark in Columbus, Ohio, when the alarm breaks the wintery stillness at 5 a.m. Instead of hitting “snooze” and burrowing further under the duvet, Sarah Burnell ’14 laces up her running shoes and heads outdoors. 

It’s all “part of the allure” of training for the...

The Center for Careers, Life, and Service (CLS) is blazing new ground in its focus on preparing Grinnellians to lead lives of meaning and purpose. After extensive strategic planning, the CLS has developed a new model that rebukes traditional approaches to preparing for life after college. The...

As a 12-year-old polio victim in the early 1950s, I faced isolation, closed school doors, and bullying, including a common use of the circular motions recently used by the now president of the United States against a partially disabled writer. 


After a bad breakup in 2007, April Dobbins ’99 landed on the doorstep of her grandfather’s Alabama farm as a single mother, feeling like a failure. 

“Having to return to this place made me feel like I wasn’t able to cut it in life,” she says.


Spring training means another 14-hour workday for Sam Eaton ’07, director of baseball operations for the Arizona Diamondbacks. And he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Up early, he inspects the Salt River Fields at Talking Stick, outside Scottsdale, Ariz., then watches the...