Grinnell Prize Winners Empower Next Generation of Social Justice Innovators
The Spark Tank Innovation Challenge, part of the weeklong Grinnell Prize celebration, encourages Grinnell students to design their own social innovations.
Including a stuffed walrus, a cannon at midnight, and a presidentially authorized skip day

Joshua Tepfer ’97 examines false confessions and police tactics.

A glimpse at Grinnell’s unsung Writing Lab

A conversation with Zander Cannon ’95 and Kevin Cannon ’02
What happens when expectations and real life collide?
Concerned Black Students’ 50-year history at Grinnell College

Zander: Inspiration’s a real thing. If I get it at home, I’ll try to write it out or sketch it out, but you can’t do a whole comic on inspiration alone.

An As True As I Can Remember It(TM) Historical Account

Changing your career can be challenging or exhilarating or, for many people, much too scary to contemplate. We may feel stuck or unwilling to change because of finances or geography.

Student research opportunities at Grinnell are abundant and diverse.