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Work Hard, Cry Hard: Things you can do right now to help resist Trump“Someone emailed me to say that they found a copy of a zine I made in Portland in 2016 laying in a street in NYC just a few months ago. They picked it up out of the gutter, read it, and loved it. The joy of print media is you never know where your work will wind up!”

- Sarah Mirk ’08, @sarahmirk, Twitter

[Untitled]Sunny scene shows large corn silos with mound of golden corn under blue skies and fluffy clouds

- Grace Lloyd ’16, assistant director of admission, Instagram

The best part of coming back to Grinnell College so often is definitely getting to meet with the students. They remind me that if Grinnellians ran the world, it’d be a much better and more just place.

- David Jarvis ’04, Alumni Council member, Twitter

So, imagine you go to work, and you’re a father, and you say, ‘I need to leave at 5:00 to care for my kids,’ and they fire you because they say, ‘No, men are supposed to be working, and women are supposed to be the primary caretakers of children.’

- Chase Strangio ’04 in “‘We Have to Mass Mobilize’: Laverne Cox & Chase Strangio Sound the Alarm on Major LGBTQ SCOTUS Cases,” Democracy Now!, Oct. 8, 2019

Maddy Pesch in Grinnell riding gear with her bike on a mountain passTo me, there is no better way to explore the world than to swim, bike, run, and then eat your way through it. Even if it is a pain in the @$$ to travel with a bike. Grateful for the opportunity to be here.

- Maddy Pesch ’16, in Nice, France, competing in her first professional half-Ironman triathlon world championship, Instagram ; follow her @peschmaddytri

Alumni Award for Dorje Gurung“So this just got delivered! To all my Grinnell classmates and Grinnell College, thank you for the honor!”

- Dorje Gurung ’94, Twitter

Uly  reaches out to touch the cartoonUly’s first exposure to comics is a 10-pager about geochemist Clair Patterson I drew for The Grinnell Magazine.

- Kevin Cannon ’02, Twitter

North loggia with bike “Loggia: not just a dead actor.”

- Nick Hanson, residence life coordinator, Instagram

“The words every Iowan wants to see on her Facebook feed: ‘SWEET CORN COMING SOON!’”

- Sarah Purcell ’92, L. F. Parker Professor of History, Twitter

Grinnellians at brewery"Grinnellians on the move: 2019 Northern Colorado Alumni Brewery Tour!"

- Jake Joseph ’11, Instagram