Quote Board

Carolyn Lewis' dog“You can relax, Mom. I’m gonna teach this one. #puppyprofessor” 

- Mollie Ning Meng, dog of Carolyn Lewis, assistant professor of history, Instagram

“Rabbi Rob is the Mr. Rogers of Grinnell..”

- Addison Gould ’19, Twitter

“Grinnell College is like Hogwarts but with a lot more bikes.”

- John Moe, host of The Hilarious World of Depression podcast, while visiting campus, Twitter

“Everyday Class Notes is a fascinating study of post-Grinnell life.”

- Linnea Dolph ’18, Twitter, about a Facebook group for Grinnell alumni

“I was stunned that he was pushing me to ‘correct’ something in my testimony. I was factual, and he was not. I felt bullied.” 

- Deborah Swackhamer ’76, quoted in “EPA Official Pressured Scientist on Congressional Testimony, Emails Show,” The New York Times, June 26, 2017

“Student unionism, from Yale’s Local 33 to our union at Grinnell College, can provide a model. Involving young people, being active in the community, focusing on members, fighting aggressively and vocally — all of these must be a central part of any future labor movement.” 

- Cory McCartan ’19, letter to the editor, “The Plight of Unions, and How to Revive Them,” The New York Times, July 23, 2017

“The Boxcar Children lived in a tiny house before it was cool.” 

- Renata Sancken ’07, Twitter

“Intergenerational (’72, ’93, ’11) Grinnell College alumni outing to see Kumail Nanjiani [’01] in The Big Sick. Woo Hoo. No Heckling.” 

Selfie of 3 generations of Grinnell alumni at a movie theater
- Jessica Roff ’93, Twitter

“‘Now I work here — to realize that this is my history, this is my story, blows me away,’ said Mr. Alexander, 45, an executive assistant in Georgetown’s office of technology commercialization. ‘I have been really emotional as I learned about my ties to the university.’”

- Jeremy Alexander ’94, quoted in “Tracing His Roots, Georgetown Employee Learns University Sold His Ancestor,” The New York Times, March 24, 2017

“I think my favorite Grinnell story is the ‘Always Open’ convenience store changing their name to ‘Almost Always Open.’ #SmallTownUSA”

- Alex Mitchell ’17, Twitter