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I relied on attention from my athletic achievements to balance out the severe depression I faced owing to my struggles as a closeted athlete attending a tiny Catholic school in small-town Mason City, Iowa.


- Adam Dalton ’16, from his article, “No longer afraid, gay runner chases success at U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials,” published on OutSports.com, July 10, 2018

LaAnna Farnelli '20My Grinnell College extern, LaAnna [LaAnna Farnelli '20], observes XRF mapping at Yale of the famous Vinland map, either one of the most valuable maps in existence or a spectacular fake. 

- Ellery Frahm ’99, Twitter

Food display in the dining hall

“Our dining hall really goes all out for their food displays sometimes...” 

- Yang Luo ’20, Instagram

Ross Haenfler fortune“Wow, sometimes the universe is really direct.” 

- Ross Haenfler, associate professor of sociology, Instagram

How weird is Grinnell? Person-wearing-a-dementor-cape-at-11:30-p.m.-standing-in-the-loggia-outside-of-Read-scrolling-on-their-phone type of weird.


- Anna Brew ’21, Twitter

“Love to put on my Grinnell alumni hat so people know that I’m going to be annoyingly esoteric in advance.” 

- Jenkin Benson ’17, Twitter

I just went to hear a recording of the speech that Martin Luther King Jr. gave at Grinnell College 50 years ago. He was, of course, eloquent and inspiring and has me thinking about the interconnectedness of all people as well as the idea of ‘staying awake’ during revolutionary times. One thing I can’t stop thinking about is that in the background of the audio recording we heard the train go past! I knew he was here and everything, but that made me remember that he was really HERE, you know? 

- Emma Kelty-Stephen ’04, assistant professor of psychology, Facebook

"A new perspective." 

- Rebecca Ciota, assistant professor, library, Instagram

The only thing Grinnell kids like more than competitive suffering is Spinoza.

- Paige Oamek ’20, Twitter

“Everyone on Grinnell lnstagram is taking photos of the sky and saying how beautiful it is as if it doesn’t smell like chicken s*** outside.”

- Jackson Schulte ’20, Twitter