Quote Board

Meeting with prof about their next tutorial and they’re like ‘I’m either going to teach about Calvin and Hobbes or bananas. The fruit.’

- Mollie Blahunka ’17

I wish people in the real world understood me like Grinnellians understand me.

- Kimmie Kasperitis '15

“Even the innocent claim of being apolitical is, in the end, a ‘political’ stance.” 

- Jan Gross, Seth Richards Professor in Modern Languages (senior faculty status), in “Whose right to ‘be political’ — yours, mine, ours, or theirs?” in the Des Moines Register, Oct. 16, 2015

“As a writer, I am constantly collecting stories to use in my work, which I then return to these communities when I am doing public artwork. I feel like I, myself, am learning more about Iowa with each project I do.” 

- Molly Rideout ’10 on Talk of Iowa, Iowa Public Radio, Oct. 14, 2015

"Is something still considered open to the public if a ticket costs more than $1,000 per person? #Journo questions."

- Silvia Foster-Frau ’15, Twitter

"Today in chem lab, we tested to check if our prof’s new ceramic mug had lead in the glaze. It did #applicationsofmymajor."

- Gargi Magar ’16, Twitter

"White Grinnell College van is sitting out front, bass thumping. It’s good to have the college students back in town."

- Bikes to You, Twitter

“At its best, teaching is an expression of hospitality and healing. I teach my students as I would teach my children.”

- Ron Dorr ’62 in “Professor’s goal: 75 letters of gratitude at age 75,” Lansing State Journal, April 7, 2015

“I like the person I’m becoming here. #grinnellcollege”

- Katherine Menner ’18, Twitter

“Children who love reading will read anything. The challenge is that many young black boys don’t have that passion for reading, so the books we expose them to are books that will capture their attention and that will engage them.”

- Alvin Irby ’07 in “Tackling children’s literacy in a Harlem barbershop,” BBC News Magazine, New York, June 2, 2015