Quote Board

"Today in chem lab, we tested to check if our prof’s new ceramic mug had lead in the glaze. It did #applicationsofmymajor."

- Gargi Magar ’16, Twitter

"White Grinnell College van is sitting out front, bass thumping. It’s good to have the college students back in town."

- Bikes to You, Twitter

“At its best, teaching is an expression of hospitality and healing. I teach my students as I would teach my children.”

- Ron Dorr ’62 in “Professor’s goal: 75 letters of gratitude at age 75,” Lansing State Journal, April 7, 2015

“I like the person I’m becoming here. #grinnellcollege”

- Katherine Menner ’18, Twitter

“Children who love reading will read anything. The challenge is that many young black boys don’t have that passion for reading, so the books we expose them to are books that will capture their attention and that will engage them.”

- Alvin Irby ’07 in “Tackling children’s literacy in a Harlem barbershop,” BBC News Magazine, New York, June 2, 2015

“Real Talk. Every time I publish a book, 6 weeks later, I feel all this SHAME about it. Is this an author thing? Or is this a Catholic thing?”

- Dean Bakopoulos, assistant professor of English, Twitter

“Grinnell College version of ‘getting hit by a bus’ hypothetical situation – ‘getting mauled by squirrels’?”

- Becky Yoose, assistant professor, library, Twitter