Quote Board

“May I just say, I am so grateful to be in the classroom teaching a fiction workshop today. Art could not be more integral to resistance.”

- Alissa Nutting, assistant professor of English, Twitter, on inauguration day, Jan. 20, 2017

“The team organized a paper goods drive to donate to Crisis Intervention Services, which provides support and empowerment to victims/survivors of domestic and dating violence and/or sexual assault.”

- Pioneer Swimming, Instagram

“Her [associate professor Kesho Scott] class changed the way I thought about myself and about America. I’m still thinking and talking about it 25 years later!”

- Zachary Polsky ’95, Facebook, comment on Scott’s induction into the Iowa African-American Hall of Fame

“Three years at Grinnell and I finally learned that Iowa nice is when you’re really polite but you still vote for/endorse Chuck Grassley.” 

- Eva Lilienfeld ’17, Twitter

“An incredible three days with these grinnell college women in tech — this is what a grinnell computer scientist looks like.”

- Sarah Trop ’17, Twitter

“Every time you introduce yourself at Grinnell you say your pronouns and I have never been happier.”

- Annabel Higgin-Houser ’20, Twitter

"A liberal arts education doesn’t just throw a lot of knowledge at you, it actually teaches you how to seek knowledge and use it to your benefit."

- Michael Cosby, Grinnell College Liberal Arts in Prison Program participant quoted in “Who Deserves a Liberal Arts Degree? For Inmates, It’s a Way Out,” published Oct. 26, 2016, in YES! Magazine

“Pretty sure I just witnessed a meeting of the Grinnell Illuminati.” 

- Susanne Bushman ’16, Twitter

"‘My daughter’s mother and my mother’s daughter.’ Is that chiasmus or antimetabole?" #DemsInPhilly #geektest

- Doug Hess ’91, assistant professor of political science, Twitter

"My fave Grinnellian is whoever wrote Mary Oliver’s poem ‘Wild Geese’ in the library basement bathroom stall. I think about that poem a lot."

- Stella Gatzke ’17, Twitter